Employment Contract

Employers and employees alike have the obligation to honor all legal contracts between each other. When one party violates a part of these agreements or is in breach of contract, that party can be held legally responsible for any resulting damages. Keeping good faith in contracts is an essential part of employment law, and Swartz Law has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you uphold the other party’s obligation according to your contract.

Upholding Contractual Obligations

At Swartz Law, we are dedicated to helping uphold employment contracts under state and federal employment laws. Our employment lawyer has experience handling a variety of employment contract and tort claims, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Violations of good faith and fair dealing in employment contracts
  • Obstruction of business or contractual relationships
  • Unreasonable non-compete, non-solicitation or non-disclosure agreements
  • Defamation
  • Separation and severance agreements

Navigating employment contract law and breach of contract can be difficult and complicated, which is why having a seasoned lawyer on your side is essential.

Resolving a Breach of Contract

For more information about contract law and to discuss if you have claim to a breach of contract, call Swartz Law in the Kansas City area at (816) 444-8900.