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Protecting Your Workplace Rights

Non-competition (non-compete), non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements are used by companies to protect their unique trade secrets, business practices and confidential information when employees leave the business for whatever reason. However, employers tend to try to “overprotect” their interests, resulting in restrictions on employees that are too broad and not necessary.

To evaluate the particulars of your non-competition, non-solicitation or non-disclosure agreement to determine whether it is enforceable, you should talk with an experienced employment lawyer.

At Swartz Law, we provide services in review and negotiation of such agreements. We also represent employees in disputes or against allegations of violations by a former employer. We serve clients throughout Kansas, including the Overland Park metropolitan area, the Kansas City and Missouri and Kansas, the Cape and Islands, and central and western Kansas.

Creative Solutions and a Collaborative Approach

You may think that you have little control over the terms of your non-competition, non-solicitation or non-disclosure agreement. However, such agreements are enforceable only to protect the unique practices of a particular business, not to restrain competition in the industry. Under Kansas laws, clauses that restrict general competition as opposed to specific practices or trade secrets are usually not enforceable.

Swartz Law can help you understand the particulars of your agreement, including any time limitations or geography specifications. With a decade of experience handling employment law matters, we are experienced in ensuring your right to pursue a new job in a related field following the termination of your employment.

For more information on non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Helping You Make Informed Decisions in Non-compete Disputes

If you are involved in a non-compete dispute with your employer or former employer, we can help you protect your rights and interests. While we can and will aggressively represent your interests in court, we understand that litigation is not always the most effective route. Attorney Swartz will review your situation in detail and offer candid advice about whether pursuing negotiation, mediation or arbitration may be a better option given your circumstances and your goals. Whatever the situation, we seek to give you the information you need to achieve the best possible outcome.

Contact a Kansas Non-solicitation Agreements Attorney

Whether you have questions about your non-competition, non-solicitation or non-disclosure agreement or you are under attack from your employer or former employer for alleged violations, contact Swartz Law online or by calling (816) 444-8900 to speak with our Overland Park non-compete agreements attorney.

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