Retaliation Claims Lawyer

Have You Suffered Retaliation for Doing the Right Thing?

If you believe you were wrongfully demoted, terminated or otherwise experienced job reprisal for reporting discrimination, harassment or other issues in your workplace, you should consult with an attorney experienced in handling the complexities of workplace retaliation.

Attorney Tara Swartz of Swartz Law, LLC, represents employees in Overland Park and throughout Kansas who were wrongfully terminated or face other retaliation for addressing problems in the workplace. Working collaboratively with you, she seeks to help you enforce your workplace rights and achieve the best possible outcome.

Collaborative Representation to Enforce Your Workplace Rights

Kansas state and federal laws protect employees who report instances of discrimination, sexual harassment or illegal activities in the workplace. If you experienced job reprisal because you made a report, you need an attorney to assist you.

Our firm focuses on obtaining creative solutions through diligent effort, detailed preparation and client collaboration. While we may have the legal knowledge to outline your options, only you have the relationship and knowledge of your company and the players involved. By partnering with you, we can help you achieve the best possible result.

Enforce Your Workplace Rights – Contact Our Kansas Workplace Retaliation Attorney

Did your employer take adverse action against you for reporting illegal activity, discrimination or sexual harassment? We can help you determine if you have legal recourse and guide you through the process to hold the responsible parties accountable. Contact Swartz Law online or by calling (816) 444-8900 to schedule a consultation with our experienced Overland Park retaliation claims lawyer.

Resolving a Breach of Contract

For more information about contract law and to discuss if you have claim to a breach of contract, call Swartz Law in the Kansas City area at (816) 444-8900.