Disability Discrimination Attorney

Protecting the Rights of the Disabled

State and federal laws protect the rights of the disabled in the workplace. If you believe that you have been discriminated against because of your disability by an employer or co-worker or you need assistance in implementing reasonable accommodations, the employment attorneys at Swartz Law can provide legal advice and help you enforce your rights.

We protect the rights of the disabled in workplaces in Overland Park and throughout Kansas. We fight to prevent discrimination and to ensure that you receive the reasonable accommodations you need, and we can help you hold an employer accountable.

Getting Accommodations and Fighting Discrimination

Under Kansas and federal law, employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations for the disabled. Reasonable accommodations are changes to the job or work environment that are feasible or plausible for the employer to take so the disabled employee can perform the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations also include adjustments to ensure that qualified individuals with disabilities have rights and privileges in employment equal to those of employees without disabilities.

While what is reasonable will depend on several case-specific factors, including, for example, the specific type of job you hold or the type and size of your employer, reasonable accommodations may include:

  • Flexible or modified work schedules (such as fewer hours of work, more frequent breaks and modification of attendance policies)
  • Making work areas easier to access (such as adding ramps, elevators, designated parking spaces and wider bathroom stalls for wheelchair access)
  • Acquiring or modifying work equipment (such as changing a desk size to fit a wheelchair, hands-free telephone headsets and voice recognition software)
  • Changing tests or training materials (such as providing written materials in large print, Braille or audiotape and in modified or shortened length)
  • Providing readers or interpreters
  • Providing leave time for medical treatment

If you submitted a request for an accommodation or fear retaliation if you request an accommodation, we can help you.

The law also protects the disabled from other forms of discrimination in hiring, promotions and termination, including cases involving retaliation, wrongful termination or harassment. Whether you were demoted or fired for your discrimination, Swartz Law will work diligently to defend your rights.

Attorney Tara Swartz has more than 10 years of experience handling discrimination claims. She can answer your questions about the process and provide you with knowledgeable advice regarding any type of disability discrimination in the workplace.

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Resolving a Breach of Contract

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