Workplace Retaliation

Workplace retaliation refers to a negative action taken against an employee after he or she files some type of complaint. Federal law protects employees from workplace retaliation as a result of complaints regarding harassment or discrimination. You have the right to feel that you can make such a complaint without facing punishment from your employer.

Protecting You from Retaliation in the Workplace

Workplace retaliation could mean anything from a demotion or pay reduction to termination or a job reassignment. The complaint could be made internally or to an outside organization, like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). At Swartz Law of Kansas City, we take workplace retaliation very seriously. Our employment lawyer will fight for you to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you are able to make complaints about harassment or discrimination in the workplace without facing retaliation for those complaints.

Protecting Your Legal Rights in the Workplace

If you have experienced workplace retaliation as punishment for making a complaint about harassment or discrimination, we encourage you to consult with our experienced employment lawyer. Contact Swartz Law in the Kansas City area today at (816) 444-8900.