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Severance Package Review and Negotiation

Representing Employees in Severance Package Negotiation Across MO

While many employers use standardized severance and separation agreements, they are almost always geared substantially more in favor of the employer than you. It may be possible to negotiate more favorable terms. Also, it is important that you understand what you are signing when given a severance or separation package. It is a contract which means that you will be legally obligated to abide by whatever terms are contained within. To protect your rights and interests, you should review it carefully with an experienced employment lawyer to make certain that you understand what you are signing.

At Swartz Law, we provide services in review and negotiation of severance packages for employees throughout MO , including the Kansas City metropolitan area, the Kansas City and , the Cape and Islands, and central and western MO . Working collaboratively with you, Attorney Tara Swartz will help you understand the particulars of your agreement and to negotiate more favorable terms where necessary. Our goal is to help you move forward with confidence.

What You Should Know About Severance Agreements

Almost all severance agreements contain a ‘Release of Claims’ or restrictive covenants such as a non-competition or non-solicitation agreement. If you sign a release of claims, you waive your right to pursue legal action against the company following your execution of the agreement. If your employer demands you sign a severance agreement without any time for review, the release may not be enforceable. You have the right to review a proposed severance package with a qualified attorney. Contact us to discuss your situation in more detail.

If you are not sure whether your severance package includes a release of claims, a restrictive covenant, or you do not fully understand the terms of your severance agreement, we can help you. We will review your agreement with you and explain confusing clauses or terms in plain English. If necessary, we can also represent you in negotiation with your employer.

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Protect Your Interests as You Move Forward

Whether you are an individual contributor looking to pursue new opportunities or a high-level executive set to retire, protect your workplace rights and speak with an experienced Kansas City severance package review attorney. Contact Swartz Law online or by calling (816) 444-8900 to schedule a consultation. We offer evening and weekend appointments upon request, in addition to daily appointments during office hours.