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Like private sector workers, public employees face the same challenges in the workplace in dealing with discrimination or retaliation and enduring adverse job actions. However, the process for pursuing legal recourse for these offenses can involve a different set of rules and procedures. In addition, public employees sometimes have additional rights and benefits that private sector employees do not under the civil service laws.

If you are a public worker and need to protect your workplace rights, you can contact Swartz Law, located in Overland Park, Kansas. We represent a wide variety of public workers in all aspects of employment law.

Helping You Navigate the Complex Legal Process

Federal and state employee claims of discrimination and other disputes with regard to personal actions often require navigation of specialized agency processes, such as the federal sector Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Office of Special Counsel (OSC) or the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Complaint process, and the Kansas Civil Service Commission (CSC) Complaint Process. It takes an employment lawyer familiar with the federal and state laws and agency processes that apply to public employees to most effectively help you achieve your goals.

Our firm helps to protect employees’ workplace rights through creative, cost-effective and zealous representation.

With a decade of experience handling employment matters in the public and private sector, Attorney Tara Swartz has the knowledge and insight to help you protect your workplace rights. She partners with you throughout the process, helping you take the proper steps and make informed decisions aimed at achieving your best possible result.

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